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Tannßringa-r°­in "OY! - Organic Young"

Tannßringa-r°­in SÝ v°rurnar frß GREEN PEOPLE her ORGANIC YOUNG - R°­in fyri unga ella ˇreina h˙­/h˙­ vi­ akne

Organic Young - for young, blemished or acne-prone skin

Oy! is a new range of funky products for young skin, all chosen for their punch in the fight for a great complexion.

You'll not find any gunk or junk in our skin care products nor in our makeup, unlike some of the mainstream brands.

Instead we use pure, natural and organic ingredients to fight bacteria and nourish your skin to keep it glowing and vibrant.

Did you know?

Many teen products contain harsh chemicals, detergents and pore-blocking petrochemicals that actually worsen skin problems like acne, blackheads and oily skin.

We don't use:

Any synthetic nasties, harsh detergents, Sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate, Parabens, Phthalates, Ethyl alcohol or Petrochemicals.
OY! Volumising Mascara - Black
Ikki ß goymslu
V°ru nr.: J012
179,00 DKK
Sk˙mandi andlitsreins (100ml)
Ikki ß goymslu
V°ru nr.: T002
169,00 DKK
Concealari/foundation, sum samstundis reinsar (30ml)
┴ goymslu
V°ru nr.: T005
149,00 DKK
Roll on Deodorant - Appilsin & vanilju (75ml)
Ikki ß goymslu
V°ru nr.: T008
129,00 DKK
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